The Oleofat and Tech Natural Oleo facilities stand right in the middle of the Ebro river valley. A strategic location that connects the Mediterranean and the Bay of Biscay and facilitates the connection to the rest of Europe.

TUDELA (Navarre) 

The Oleofat facilities extend over an area of more than 12,000 square meters in the heart of Tudela’s Agrifood City, where the valorization process of oil by-products is carried out, and where the different esterification and distillation processes are applied to the raw materials to meet customer demand. The facilities are equipped with the latest technological and environmental advances.


The Tech Natural Oleo (TNO) biorefinery is in the Navarran town of Caparroso. These facilities previously belonged to Acciona, and the Oleofat group has converted them into a modern referent biorefinery for raw material production for second-generation biofuels (HVO), glycerin and biodiesel. It has a surface of 90,000 square meters and a storage capacity of 20,000 m3 for raw materials and finished products.

Oleofat and TNO have on-site laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art analysis and experimentation equipment.

Its staff is made up of highly qualified and prepared technical personnel and researchers.

With Tech Natural Oleo The Oleofat group owns the sector's benchmark biorefinery with a surface area of 90,000 m2

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