The consolidation of the OLEOFAT GROUP is backed by the different companies that make it up: OLEOFAT TRADER, TECH NATURAL OLEO AND NATUROL. All of them are involved in the treatment of oil by-products and the creation of raw materials aimed at different sectors such as biodiesel, advanced products, and special products.

The research and development of different treatments allows us to have top quality raw materials to individually meet the demand of each client portfolio.

Identity and values

  • Oleofat has a highly qualified TEAM with extensive experience in the oil waste sector
  • Its CAPACITY TO CREATE AND GROW makes it a leader in the manufacture of new raw materials
  • Oleofat is synonymous with QUALITY GUARANTEE
  • Oleofat’s staff responds EFFICIENTLY to the demand of its national and international clients
The Oleofat team seeks ongoing continuous improvement, guaranteeing quality and efficiency

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