Oleofat Trader S.L.U has the seal of INNOVATIVE SME. Since its inception it has been a company highly committed to research, development and innovation. This interest has led it to develop ITS OWN RESEARCH projects, in addition to COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS with prestigious institutions and companies.

Its Research and Development department is made up of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the most advanced technologies for the valorization of oil by-products.

Oleofat has a laboratory equipped with the latest technology, where work is carried out to characterize raw materials and final products, processes for the valorization of oil by-products and the development of new projects.

Its R&D team is looking for the best solutions for customers and suppliers. We provide sample analysis and valorization strategies tailored to any specific quality standard required.

Oleofat is an innovative SME committed to research and development in search of the best solutions for the valorization of oil by-products.

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